NB! Please note: Since 12/31/17, ESYS Launcher PREMIUM will no longer work in a native environment. The software developer hard-coded the token creation step in ESYS Launcher to create a token with an expiration date of 12/31/2017. Using the software in a native environment results in an endless loop of token creation, and will not allow ESYS to run/work properly. In order to solve this problem, without the need to purchase his new ESYS Launcher PRO v.3 software, we have created a Windows 7 (32-bit) Virtual Machine. You can use this virtual machine just as if you had the software installed on your native computer. The trick is that the Virtual Machine’s Clock is set to start at 1/1/2017 @ 12:30:00AM. This tricks the software into thinking it is really that date, and the software works as intended. Keep the date in the Virtual Machine NOT Sync’d to the true date/time (from the host computer) and you will not have a problem coding. Additionally, the VM is preconfigured with ESYS 3.28.1, ESYS Launcher & PSdZDATA v.63.3 Lite Pre-Installed, so you don’t need to do any complicated software setup. It is all done for you already. You can simply update ESYS PSdZDATA in the future as necessary on your own by deleting the old files and replacing with newer versions.

However, we encourage you to purchase ESYS Launcher Pro from Tokenmaster if you use this software professionally.

E-SYS Virtual Machine download link

Below you will find previous versions of E-SYS which may or may not work on your PC depending on computer settings such as localization, computer time etc.




Previous working version is here (on MEGA): here

Installation procedure

It is very important to follow these steps in same sequence.

  1. Install E-SYS_Setup_3_27_1. Just click through, default settings are fine.
  2. Extract PSdZData_Lite to folder C:\data\psdzdata\
  3. Install ESysLauncherPremiumSetup_2.4.3 , (Requires MS .NET Framework 4.0). Again, just click through, use default location etc.
  4. After installation Token Generator will appear. Path: C:\EC-apps\ESG\E-Sys\lib. For PIN, whatever you want.
  5. NB! Chassis selection is important. You can select new chassis only once in every 48 hours. So please be careful selecting a right one to begin with.

To start E-Sys software, you must launch E-Sys Launcher Premium. NB! Do not use default E-Sys launcher/icon for E-Sys software.


Another setup instructions as PDF file: here

Beginners Guide to Coding (PDF files for 2 different E-SYS versions): here and here

BMW Coding Database (available coding parameters for both F- and E-series) can be downloaded here: http://www.bmwcodingdatabase.com/


We can provide assistance with software installation. For our customers this service costs 20USD / 20EUR. For others fee is 25USD / 25UR. We accept Paypal payments: paypal@bmwcoding.online

All you need to do is to download and install Teamviewer software (https://www.teamviewer.com/), agree terms with us and send  Teamviewer ID and login to email: info@bmwcoding.online

Remember, Teamviewer software need to be running in your computer, otherwise we cannot log in.